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DEV - practicing Yoga from 1979 and Teaching since 1988; in Ontario, Canada since 2011. 

Yoga is the Traditional Ancient Indian Classical Wisdom. Yoga being one of the most holistic ways of integral commitment, it is also one of the greatest gifts of India to the world. Yoga is never bound by any one religion. It is meta-religious, beyond religion. All those who seek tranquility of body and mind with the universe should practice it. Having discovered this noble path to happiness through constant meditation and reflection on the highest, deepest and broadest possible meaning/s of their life experiences, the great Indian Masters shared this wisdom with others to bring about harmony and peace in individuals and in society at large.

True life is the state of everything being progressively integrated in love – a perpetual union of the individual, society, the environment and the universe. This union is already there, but it is realizable by humans provided we are constantly integrated, i.e., in Union. Yoga means union – union between Body, Breath and Mind; and also with the whole humanity and with nature. This union leads to enlightenment and a life filled with happiness and positive attitudes.

This website speaks about the convictions of the Yogacharya Dev. How one can have a holistic integration through the practice of Yoga, and embrace yoga as an integral part of life.

Beginner Yoga Postures

There are several beginner yoga poses which is easy to practice for the beginners and those do not have any flexibility of the body. There are many who complain that their body is stiff and can’t practice yoga. This is a wrong idea. If they practice simple and easy posters daily gradually the muscles and joints will become flexible. Movement is the symbol of life; stiffness, stagnation or immobility is the symbol of death. In our day-to-day life we need proper and systematic movements of body. Lack of proper movements results stiffness and suffering. Therefore make a habit to practice simple yoga postures as part of daily life.

Advance yoga Postures

There are several advance Yoga postures. With the practice of beginner Yoga postures one can increase the strength and flexibility of the body. Then the practice of advance postures becomes easier and more comfortable. 

The daily practice of Yoga helps the practitioner to be rooted in the soil of confidence, courage, patience and perseverance.

YOGA MASTER - Autobiography of a Yogi
My life as a Yoga Master - Autobiography of a Yogi
What is Yoga
What is yoga? Meaning of yoga and different types of yoga, Hatha yoga, Raja yoga, Deva yoga
BENEFITS OF YOGA, Physical and mental benefits of yoga. Daily practice of yoga helps to improve the physical stamina, immunity and healing power.
Guidelines for the Practice of Yoga Postures and Breathing Exercises
Yoga Modules
Yoga Modules, Dev’s areas of specializations, Deva Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga,
Yoga Courses
Yoga Courses organized in different parts of Ottawa It will enable you to learn yoga (both practice and theory) systematically
Yoga for Seniors
Yoga for seniors: Maintain energy and youthfulness of both body and mind, reduce the aches and pains, maintain the flexibility of the body,
Yoga Schedule
Schedule. Schedule of Yoga courses, Workshops, Training sessions
Face-to-Face Online Yoga
Face-to-Face Online Yoga: if you are a beginner or advanced yoga practitioner /busy to go to a yoga studio and if you need expert guidance at home; attend yoga sessions with Dev online.
PRIVATE YOGA - LEARN THE ART OF TRADITIONAL YOGA. Dev conducts yoga sessions for individuals and small groups in Ottawa.
R F Day
R F Day is to renew and refresh your yoga practice, which leads to more clarity and accuracy; it is a time to meet your friends and renew the friendship
Yoga For Executives. Work-life balance is an art in the field of employment and business. The Yogacharya Dev is offering yoga sessions for the executives
Yoga for Yoga Teachers
Yoga for Yoga Teachers. Learn the traditional yoga with Dev. Teaching yoga is an art.
YOGA-DHYANA-SADHANA is a one week retreat based on Yogic discipline, spirituality and meditation. YDS is a chance to learn yoga and spirituality; and different methods and types of meditation.
Messages from Dev
Messages from Dev. Quotes, Thoughts and Reflections of Dev
TESTIMONIALS: As a yoga student of Swami Devaprasad, I can profess that yoga has been contributing enormously to my life
Yoga Postures
Yoga Postures: Here there are examples for meditation postures, relaxation postures, beginner yoga postures and advance yoga postures.
Publications: DEVA YOGA for Wholeness and Wellness, YOGA for Integral Health and Growth and Yoga (Malayalam)
Upcoming and Past Events, Workshops and Conferences with Dev
Links to Dev's workshops, seminars, conferences
Contact to know about Dev's yoga sessions, courses, workshops



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In this time of pandemic (Covid-19) there are many who are in stress and tension. So the practice of yoga is the best method to get rid of stress and tension; it will increase the energy level of the body and mind; boost the immune system and enable the body to increase the resistance power against the diseases. Dev is organizing group classes through Zoom. 

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Health is our wealth. Our health is not only our personal property but also the property of our family, society and country. Any negligence to maintain our health is an injustice against our family, society and country.

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Union within oneself (between Body mind and breath), with all humanity, with nature, and with the Universe.


Meditation is continuous or unbroken flow of awareness (mindfulness).

Be rooted in the soil of confidence, courage, patience and perseverance.

Devaprasad Swami