Autobiography of a Yogi

I was born in a farming family as the first child among eight, in Kerala, India. As a child, I used to watch in admiration and awe how my father’s maternal uncle (Janananda Yogi, a yoga master) used to practice Yoga whenever he came to visit us. This basic inspiration led me to read some books on Yoga, as I grew up.

From 1979, a decade of initiation, orientation and specialization under different Yoga masters and schools of thought in various parts of India helped me to find the beauty of this life and to experience the strength of the Spirit within. Two year Diploma Course in Indian philosophy further rooted me in this new way of accepting yogic life. From 1988 onwards, I began training people in Yoga in various institutions in India, Germany and Canada. I consider myself a life-long student of Yoga. Continuity and stability are essential in yogic practices.

In 1979 I met my first Yoga Guru Swami Puthuran and he taught me Yoga and inspired me to make yoga as an integral part of my life. End of 1980 I left home in search of Indian yogic spirituality and lived in an Indian ashram. There I had various chances to learn more about yoga philosophy.  In 1983 I met Yogi Swami Amaladhas and lived with him for a few months to learn the art and spirituality of yoga. From 1986 to 1988 I was in Dharmaram college for a course on both Indian and Western philosophy. There I was attracted more to Indian philosophy especially the philosophy of yoga. After this course I started to teach yoga; both philosophy and practical Asanas and Pranayamas.

In the beginning of 1989 I had my Yoga Teachers Training at Sivanada Yoga Center, Kerala, which enlightened me further on yoga. From 1989 March I began my journey to North India up to Himalayas, to visit Gurus (Spiritual Masters), Ashrams and holy places. During this I had a chance to attend a yoga certificate course in Benares Hindu University. During my North Indian-Himalayan pilgrimage I had several occasions to teach yoga in different places. In 2008 I did Yoga Instructors Course (YIC) at Vivekananda Yoga University in Bangalore to widen my knowledge. I am so grateful to all my yoga masters and I bow my head before them to receive their blessings.

Yoga is my life - Continuation
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