Teaching yoga - the Traditional Ancient Indian Classical Wisdom - is an art. Yoga teachers shall teach from their experience. To get experience the teacher should practice and the practice of yoga should become part of his/her life. From fullness shall the streams of wisdom flow.

Follow these steps and it will lead you to an experience:

(1) Listening – the words of the teacher/Guru/ (sravanam),

(2) Pondering/reflecting or contemplating (mananam),

(3) Practice/discipline (sadhana),

(4) Meditation (dhyana/nididhyasana) and finally it leads to an

(5) Experience of ecstasy (Anubhava).


"The teacher should correct the students with respect and love, if they make mistakes. Each one is part of the Divine and a wonderful creation of the Divine. Find out the Divinity in your students".

Experience is an asset for a teacher. Yoga teachers should teach whatever they practice out of their experience.

Learn to teach the ancient spiritual art in its traditional style from the Yogacharya Dev. Special trainers programmes are being organized. Yoga teachers those who wish to get guidance and specialized training, make an appointment with Dev.

Be rooted in the soil of confidence, courage, patience and perseverance.

Devaprasad Swami

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