Work-life balance is an art in the field of employment and business. The beneficiaries are the employees and as well as the employers and entrepreneurs of the business firms. Stress-free personal life and executive life, are rewarding; mixing of both are of tremendous importance today. It is very essential for the success in business and happiness in personal life. Our nation's development depends on the psychological, and physical happiness of the workforce.

Managers of these days need to take loads of initiatives and risk. To plan, execute, monitor and evaluate projects in a competitive business environment, one needs lots of concentration, stress free mind, and physical stamina.

Yoga is a readily drawn map for the mental relaxation and physical rejuvenation. The practice of yoga will help people especially business executives drive towards success, with a creative brain, mindfulness, strong body and serene mind, which leads them to a successful entrepreneurship with evolutionary and dynamic innovations. 


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The Yogacharya Dev is teaching yoga to employees, executives and entrepreneurs in workplaces and to people in their homes.  Those who wish to have his sessions individually or as a group in your workplace / business firm / organization / company / home anywhere in Canada please contact.


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Be rooted in the soil of confidence, courage, patience and perseverance.

Devaprasad Swami