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Dev is offering Face-to-Face online yoga sessions through Skype/FaceTime/Videophone. You may not like to go to a studio; may be you are very busy or you do not like to practice yoga in a group but at the same time you like to learn yoga form an experienced yoga instructor and practice. Get Dev’s face-to-face/one-on-one online guidance and support; practice yoga in your home. Transform your home to a studio for a period of time; it will transform your life. You deserve peace of mind and a stress free life. These classes are not recorded videos, but it is face-to-face yoga class with Dev. It is very convenient and easy for the busy people and the whole family. You will be able to attend Dev's class form anywhere in the world.

For the Face-to-Face Live online yoga you need a computer, web camera and a specious room. Adjust the camera; your instructor has to see your postures and movements to give personal instructions and directions. If possible connect your camera/computer to a TV or to a LCD projector, therefore you will be able to see your instructor and his demonstration of postures and breathing exercises in a big screen.

If you have any questions about this service please contact Dev, make an appointment with him and discuss about your needs, concerns and expectations.

Practice YOGA with DEV


Learn deep relaxation online directly from Dev. It is an excellent stress management technique and remedy for stress related diseases. Highly beneficial for those who have high blood pressure and heart disease. Deep relaxation will help to relax whole body and mind; increase the energy level, concentration and self-awareness; It is an excellent practice for overall physical and mental well-being. Relaxation boosts the healing power in the body and mind and it is a natural alternative form of healing for the stress related diseases. Spent minimum 10 minutes every day for deep relaxation and experience and enjoy the fruits of relaxation.  

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Only love and forgiveness can purify and transform the human mind. If the human mind is transformed it will transform the world. Therefore meditate on LOVE. LOVE is DIVINE, you will be filled with the Divine Love, the Divine energy. Dive in to the ocean of love and experience the happiness and fulfilment in life.         


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