Dev's yoga class invites inward and outward calm, stability and strength to increase in his students.  Typically, the class begins in silence.  Students gather almost reverently on their yoga mat.  Some sitting in quiet reflection, others gently stretching in anticipation of turning ones self over to the practice and rhythm of Dev's guidance.

Dev's yoga class follows a predictable flow, offering any student an opportunity to focus on the alignment of breath, body and mind. His invitation at the end of the class to smile at each other might initially feel awkward.  For this student, the awkwardness seemed to reflect how comfortable I was with my own inner light and the degree to which I was willing to shine that light out into the world. I had never thought about a smile in that way before doing yoga with Dev.    Such is the spirit and opportunity of attending a yoga class with Dev. I feel blessed to have been his student these past two years. 

August 2019

Fern Thurston

Hi Dev

I would like to say how saddened I am for me, and how happy I am for you, to learn that you are leaving Ottawa and embarking on a new adventure in Sudbury. I have been taking yoga instruction for ten years and since following your practice for the past four years, I can state categorically that none of my former instructors can match your skill, understanding and dedication to the yogic way of life.  As a result of your teachings, not only am I stronger and more flexible physically, I am also gaining a better appreciation for bringing my mind, body and soul together to attain peace and harmony.  With your departure, I will continue to practise what you have taught me - to be happy, healthy, strong, energetic and enthusiastic.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom, and I wish you all the best in your new endeavours.

Sue R


July 22, 2019

For the past 40 years, I have taken many different forms of yoga classes offered by instructors, mostly trained in North America.  During the past four years, I have participated in Dev's class and it is obvious to me that my previous classes lacked a true understanding of what yoga really is. After leaving his class I consistently felt so good, relaxed and alive. Consequently, I increased my attendance in his classes to three times a week. By doing so, I made great strides in reducing chronic back pain and insomnia, strengthening stamina, not to mention improved mood and attitude. My next step is to establish a daily practice following Deva Yoga routines that I learned in class.

Always well prepared and suitable for anyone at any level, he skillfully leads his classes by maintaining a smooth flow and rhythm with appropriate postures, relaxation periods and uplifting affirmations.  

I consider it a privilege to have been a student of this yoga master and kind, caring human being who has made a positive impact on my health and life.

My heartfelt thanks and deep appreciation. 

 Theresa Ziebell


July 21, 2019

Dev is an incredible yoga teacher. His kind demeanour and energetic passion for his practice is infectious. Not only has yoga improved my physical health, it has also helped my mental health. I am able to focus much better in day to day activities. I would highly recommend him for beginners and experts alike.

Kayla Hunt, ProPet Software Inc.

Ottawa, Ontario

Dev is an exceptionally patient and knowledgeable teacher. His practice is so different from other yoga classes I've attended because he blends physical exercise and mental wellness. I have noticed a variety of benefits including stress reduction, reduced pain, and improved sleeping habits. Attending his class is the highlight of my day.

Ashley Derouchie, ProPet Software Inc. 

Ottawa, Ontario

I have been a student in Dev's Hatha Yoga Class at the Carleton Heights Community Centre since September 2014. Dev is such an amazing instructor. I very much appreciate his patient, quiet and gentle way of teaching Yoga. He is always punctual, organized and has a smile. Although I have been practicing Yoga on and off since 2007, it is with Dev's guidance that I have finally perfected all the Sun Salutation postures. The handouts Dev has provided (which outline breathing exercises and postures) have been invaluable when practicing yoga on my own. My goal is to attempt more of the advanced postures, work towards sitting in the Lotus posture, and practice yoga every single day (including the minor exercises).

Kajantha Suthan

Ottawa, Ontario

I am very fortunate to be one of Dev’s Yoga clients.  His flexibility and teaching skill continues to amaze me.  He has made me believe nothing is impossible when it comes to poses the body can do.  His classes are challenging and relaxing at the same time and as a teacher he is patient and progressive and always smiling!

 Cecilia D’Amico

Ottawa, Ontario

Arvin George, UK

I am Arvin a Year 5 student from the UK. I needed a major operation due to Cerebral Palsy. I have found yoga as a way to regain strength. I have been attending online yoga classes for about 3 months, which is very convenient for me and my family. 

Yoga has helped me calm down and help me focus on my task rather than worrying about my troubles. It has increased my strength and capability even after a major operation. It has made me happy and relaxed.   

I had spend two years with Swami Devaprasad as a student of Yoga. I can profess that yoga has been contributing enormously to my life, as a silent growth multiplier. When others say I am always happy, approachable, friendly, and positive, proudly I hold yoga responsible. Read more….

Dr. Varghese P A

Associate Professor, Dept of Journalism

Kuvempu University, Shimoga, Karnataka, India

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