Yoga for Seniors

The daily practice of Yoga helps the seniors to maintain energy, youthfulness and flexibility of body and mind; and it reduces the aches and pains. Physical movements are very essential and important throughout the life. Yoga postures are slow, rhythmic and systematic movements of the body. Therefore it is fit for seniors.


Dev is teaching Yoga + Fitness Exercises for seniors to maintain the youthfulness, energy level of body and mind, flexibility, strength and balance. Learn – practice and lead a healthy and joyful life. Transform your retirement life to a life of youthfulness and joy. 

We all came to this planet earth with cry; but prepare yourself to leave the earth with laugh.  Transform the tears to cheers. We will die even we cry or laugh, then why can’t we laugh and die? Come and join with Dev to practice Ha! Ha! YOGA!  Exercises + Yoga + Meditation for seniors, one-hour session of cheers! 

Those who wish to organize Yoga + Fitness classes for seniors 65+ in the retirement homes, seniors’ residence, community centers, churches, clubs, private homes may contact: 

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