The influence of yoga in my life and my goal towards the future

True humanism is the state of everything being progressively integrated in love – a perpetual union of the individual, society, environment and the universe. This union is already there, but it is realizable by humans provided we are constantly integrated, i.e., in Union. Yoga means union – union of the individual with the whole humanity, with nature and with oneself. This union leads to enlightenment and a life filled with happiness and positive attitudes.

For me Yoga is not a religion but it is a way of life, which helps us to transcend religion. The practice of different Yoga Postures (Asanas) and relaxation methods will help all to tune the body and mind; it is a process of integration which leads us to healing, health and happiness.

Yoga leads all to a slow and radical process of transformation of life. I understand that today religions are lacking silence and interiority; religion became a means of exploitation. A yogi who realize and acknowledge the true self as Love will be able to encompass all humanity in love. Yoga helps all to be rooted in the soil of confidence, courage, patience and perseverance.

Yoga is my life, I love to teach yoga, because I can help many especially those who are under stress, tension and tribulations form the daily life.

Out of my experiences with Yoga as a way of life and discipline, I have found that Yoga is the best means to transform the individual (physically, mentally and socially)  into a person of integration and harmony. The love and positive energy that it produces bring harmony in the universe. Yoga helps to consider and accept all people of the world as the children of one family and to unite the entire world with the yogic positive energy.

I dream and looking forward to start a center for Yoga and Meditation; a centre for holistic wellness; a centre without religion, where people come and share LOVE and Friendship. If you wish to support and contribute to this noble cause you are welcome. 

This is my wish for humanity:

Let people see the light the light of love

And walk along that radiant path

With a mantra on their tongue

With a longing in their heart.

Let there be joy in the whole world.

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