Yoga is the noble path to experience the harmony within, a disciplined way to embrace the harmony. It is ‘Devayoga’ (Deva = Divine, the Absolute, "celestial" or "shining"), where the living individual and the Universal energy seek for its union.

Yoga is the Traditional Ancient Indian Classical Wisdom. Deva Yoga is Meditative Yoga, a smooth blending of Raja Yoga and Hatha Yoga. It is an art of living, with positive attitude and cheerfulness. Accept, adopt and practice yoga as a part of your life and enjoy happiness and peace. You will be able to reach in this conviction: ‘I am the living, loving and joyful expression of life’.

Yoga is a way of life. It is a path to unfold one's capacity for reaching our full capacity for happiness. This happiness arises when one's body and soul are balanced. Deva Yoga combines the breathing practices, yoga postures and relaxation techniques of Hatha Yoga with the deep philosophy, self control and meditation of Raja Yoga.

Through the practise of Hatha Yoga we prepare the body and mind to calm, quiet and be ready to enter into silence. This system of Yoga – ‘Deva Yoga’ is the result of Dev’s thirty years of experience, research and study in the field of yoga.

The practice of Deva Yoga will increase your concentration and memory power, enthusiasm, cheerfulness, positive approach to life, build interpersonal relationships, and improve physical and mental stamina, immunity, healing power. It will help you to attain emotional balance.

Deva Yoga 30 day Course Summary

Deva Yoga training program

Uniting mind-body-universe.

Balancing  body , mind and spirit

Stress management, relaxation and rejuvenation.

Developing and improving Immunity and Personality.

An opportunity for learning integrated and holistic life.

Growing through meditation & relaxation.


What Yoga Is?
Different Yoga Systems

RAJA YOGA or Patanjali Yoga
Yoga and Meditation

What Hatayoga Is
Hathayoga and Physical Health
Hathayoga and Healing
Introduction to Yogasanas or Postures

Pranayamas: Systematic Control of Breath
How to Breathe?
Different types of Pranayamas

Yoga and Stress Management
Yogic Relaxation

Diet: Yogic nourishment of body and mind


Relaxation Methods
Relaxation Postures
Breathing exercises
Yoga Postures (Asanas): Relaxation Postures, Meditation Postures, Minor Exercises, Dynamic Postures
Concentration techniques
Stress Management


The objectives of the 30 day (45 hours) Deva Yoga Training course are attained through lectures, audio visual presentations, by practicing relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, yoga postures, concentration techniques, stress management and meditation under the efficient supervision and individual attention given by the yoga teacher.  Students may get handouts  of charts and notes which will be an aid for learning  and to practice at home.

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Union within oneself (between Body mind and breath), with all humanity, with nature, and with the Universe.


Meditation is continuous or unbroken flow of awareness (mindfulness).