Chaitanyadhara - a Center for Relaxation and Holistic Wellness is a charitable trust, registered in 1999 (Regd. No. 319 of 99-2000). Yogacharya Devaprasad Swami is the founder and Chairman of Chaitanyadhara. Since he is in Canada, the administration of Chaitanyadhara and its all programs are taken care of the Yoga Master/Instructor Joseph E. T. 

This part of the website speaks about Chaitanyadhara in Bangaluru, India and its programs. How one can have a holistic integration through the practice of Yoga, and embrace yoga as an integral part of life. Yoga is the divine path to experience the divine, a sacred and disciplined way to embrace sacredness and the Sacred.

Yoga – being one of the most holistic ways of integral commitment – is also one of the greatest gifts of India to the world. Yoga is never bound by any one religion. It is meta-religious, beyond religion. All those who seek tranquility of body and mind with the universe should practice it. Having discovered this divine path to happiness through constant meditation and reflection on the highest, deepest and broadest possible meaning/s of their life experiences, the great Indian Masters shared this wisdom with others to bring about harmony and peace in individuals and in society at large.

Yoga teaches the genuine spirituality that goes beyond rituals and dogmas which creates fanaticism and fundamentalism. It does also teach humans to transcend neutralisms of all sorts. The revolution of love and integration that Yoga promotes would re-orient humankind from the ways that they had falsely chosen. This spiritual re-awakening and the positive, natural and integral discipline Yoga brings into persons would transform the world. Yoga leads us to such a realization of spirituality, to such transcendence of the merely social and pragmatic practices of religion, and to a spiritually humanistic understanding and way of realization of faith, which is nothing but integral commitment.

True spirituality is the state of everything being progressively integrated in love – a perpetual union of the individual, society, God, environment and the universe. This union is already there, but it is realizable by humans provided we are constantly integrated, i.e., in Union. Yoga means union – union of the individual soul with the Universal Soul, with the whole humanity, with nature and with oneself. This union leads to spiritual enlightenment and a life filled with happiness and positive attitudes.

Yoga Master/Instructor Joseph is a Lecturer, Yoga Instructor in the Jain University, Bangalore. 

He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy, PG. Diploma in Yoga, BYTC and YIC. He is teaching Yoga for eighteen years. Other than in the Jain University he gives private classes in Bangalore.

Phone: 9449119065.