Relaxation is an experience of freedom, easiness and lightness in the mind and body. If the body and mind are tight, rigid and stiff, it is sign of bondage. Deep relaxation helps us to get rid of the tightness, rigidity and stiffness of the body and mind. As the rising sun expels darkness, brings in light, heals and fills the world with energy, relaxation brings in the same effect into our body and mind. 

There are different types of relaxation methods. Quick Relaxation, Deep Relaxation (Passive Muscle Relaxation or Antigenic - with auto suggestion), Progressive Muscular Relaxation, Instant Relaxation, relaxation with imaginary-breathing and Yoga Nidra.

Spend ten to fifteen minutes every day for relaxation either in the morning or in the evening and experience the difference. It will help us to increase the energy level of body and mind with greater efficiency, increase the power of concentration, serenity and calmness of mind, emotional balance, self confidence, better sleep, relief from muscle tension and it boosts the inherent healing power of the body.

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