Course Requirements and Guidelines

· Yoga for Christians is a course on Yoga, Christian Spirituality and Meditation. This training course combines the breathing practices, yoga postures and relaxation techniques of Hatha yoga with the philosophy, self control, and meditation of Raja yoga. In short it is a smooth blending of Christian Spirituality, Hatha Yoga and Raj Yoga. It is a preparation of the body and mind to meditate and experience the Divine presence of Jesus.

•  During this course you will be able to learn yoga, both theory and practice. Yoga for Christians is a training course that will increase your love and intimacy with Jesus, your power of concentration and memory, enthusiasm, cheerfulness, a positive approach to life. It will build interpersonal relationships; improve physical and mental stamina, immunity, and healing power. It will help you to attain emotional balance.

• This course is an asset for your life. After this course you will be able to practice Christian Meditation and yoga throughout your life without support of a yoga teacher or studio.

•  New students must fill out an application form.

Plan to arrive within 5-10 minutes prior to the class start time.

Do not use scents/perfumes during the session.  This may cause health issue to those with sensitivities.

• Turn off cell phones/pagers/electronic devices before the beginning of the session

Remove shoes upon your arrival.  Do not bring shoes into the yoga hall.

Please do not bring any food items into the yoga hall.  All liquids must be in a container with a secure lid.

The sick, especially those who have undergone surgery or who are suffering from heart diseases, high blood pressure, hernia, backache, eye or ear problems, must consult the Yoga Instructor and their physician before the Yoga course begins. Participants are encouraged to provide the instructor with all the information relating to any health condition, including any injuries or physical limitations that may impact their yoga practice, in order to ensure maximum comfort and safety during the yoga sessions.

•  Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely (e.g. a track suit).

·  Bring a yoga mat for the session.

• Movements must be slow, rhythmic and without strain. Do not go beyond your natural toleration.

•  There must be at least three to four hours of time-gap between a heavy meal and yoga postures. It is better to start practice of yoga postures with empty bowels. After practice, allow fifteen minutes to elapse before taking a bath or eating.

•  If you must leave early, inform the teacher before yoga session starts and leave before Savasana (final relaxation) and meditation.

•  The Yoga Master’s instructions of should be followed conscientiously for a fruitful experience of Yoga Training.

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